Cool gadgets to look out for and earn free bitcoin rewards

Looking for some of the coolest gadgets out there? Not to worry , I’ve got just about the right list for you. Read on to discover some of the coolest devices . At the end of this post, get to know the MiniInthebox bitcoin cashback rewards program and how it is beneficial to you. Enjoy!


  • O2 smart ring.

The O2 smart ring is an innovative product that solves a couple of sleep related issues. For instance, when worn by people that snore when sleeping, the ring detects the snoring and sends subtle impulses to the body causing the person to lay in a proper position without actually waking them up.


  • Wine condom.

It is common practice that already opened wine is preserved by putting the cork back on. Also, this is a cumbersome process and doesn’t necessarily seal off the whole bottle. This is why wine condom was invented. As the name implies, the condom is made of rubbery material much similar to the regular condoms available. It is placed on the tip of the wine bottle to completely seal off air and avoid spills. Hence it is more effective, durable and simpler than corks.


  • Lifeprint (compact printer).

The Lifeprint is a portable photo printer. The size and build of the printer makes it portable and pocketable device. It affords users the option of printing out photos they might want to hand out. Hence, this particular  innovation is a must have for photo centric people.


  • Xbox wireless headset.

In my opinion, this is the best value for money gaming headset available. Currently retailing for $100. It is equipped with Bluetooth 4.2 that connects to your Xbox and phone without a dongle. You can simultaneously listen to music on your phone while playing your Xbox. The controls are very simple to operate. The whole left ear cup controls the mix between Bluetooth and the wireless Xbox source while the right ear cup controls the volume. The noise cancellation is top notch but not to the extent of totally cancelling out noise from traffic or human conversation. Also, For PC connection , the 2.4GHz adapter is required. Hence, it is a must have device.


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