Learn these fashion tips and Earn free bitcoin

Read to the end and learn more on the Shein crypto cashback rewards. Ladies, Have you ever wondered how you could improve on your appearance without your wardrobe undergoing a significant overhaul? I’m sure the answer is in the affirmative. 

I want to share these few things I’ve learnt, talking to women about fashion and how to work a dress. They are as follows


Tuck part of your shirt in your jeans to emphasise your waist. Wearing a T-shirt over your jeans is so bland and adds absolutely nothing to your looks. By tucking in part of your shirt, your figure is highlighted and gives you confidence.


Do not pair a tight shirt with tight jeans. Pairing a tight top with a tight bottom is very popular but is not all that. You might have a bit of a tummy and might want to hide it. To successfully pull this off, you’ll need to pair either of them with a loose top or bottom. This works and enhances your swag a lot.


Wear dresses that flatter your waist. When buying a dress the next time, be sure to pick a dress that hugs your waist and brings out your figure. It doesn’t need to be so tight. Just the right fit will do. It does well to take the shine off your tummy and redirects it to your figure. Many women have confirmed that it works


Earn up to a 10% discount on your expenditure.

And last but not least, Always have a pair of nude shoes. Nude shoes are convenient and underrated. They can be worn with all dress types causing you less of a headache when picking a shoe to match your outfit.

Take these few tips and improve your fashion sense. Did you know you can shop for clothes and earn free bitcoin? In partnership with Liquigate, Shein is offering customers the chance to make free bitcoin in the “Shein Crypto cashback rewards”. All you need to do is sign up to liquigate and shop with Shein and start earning. Rewards are discounts payable in bitcoin. For enquiries, contact Liquigate on Twitter and Email for a prompt response.

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