Timberland crypto cashback rewards

How to spot fake Timberlands and earn free bitcoin

Learn these few tips and know the benefits of the Timberland crypto cashback rewards program. Timberland boots are a trendy shoe line among various generations. From old heads to youngsters. With its popularity comes the swarm of counterfeits. Indeed, you wouldn’t want to fall victim to this. Fear not. We get to know a couple of details we must consider before making a purchase. They are as follows;

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  • Check the tag. Timberland does not use barcodes or QR codes like multiple shoe manufacturers. If you happen to see a barcode on Timberlands, that is a huge red flag.


  • Check the logo. The logo on the original pairs is embossed and also done consistently throughout. Also, fake boots tend to have printed logos and not so detailed a design. Upon carefully comparing the two, you’d notice the fake logo has some details left out.


  • Verify the style. Indeed, counterfeit shoe manufacturers tend to sway from the original style(s) implemented by the manufacturer. It is, however, vital that you refer to the original shoe line stipulated before making a purchase.


  • Feel the texture and weight of the shoes. Should you happen to have the shoe in physical sight, have a feel of the texture. Surely you’d be able to determine the quality of the shoe from how it feels. Remember, Timberland boots are made of suede, which adds weight to the shoes. 


  • Check the stitching. Original Timberlands come with just the right amount of spacing in the seam. Counterfeits have a bit of a wonky stitching sequence. Also, stitching is done in four equal rows.


The offer

These are but a few tips that will be of great use, so you don’t fall victim to counterfeiters. For guaranteed legitimacy in your boot purchases, shop with Timberland on Liquigate and stand a chance to earn free bitcoin in the Timberland crypto cashback rewards program. Also, The Timberland crypto cashback rewards program is a collaboration between liquigate and Timberland. Customers earn up to 10% discount on purchases made on Timberland through liquigate. To enjoy this offer, sign up to liquigate and start shopping with Timberland. Yes! It is that simple. Again, be sure to disable Adblockers to allow cookies. For further enquiries, contact liquigate on Twitter and Email for support.

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