Essential Air travel tips

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It is widely known that air travel is the safest means of travel. But in the last year, flights taken have dwindled in number. This is due to the Covid 19 pandemic and the restrictions put in place by governments. A lot of travel(if any at all) within this period has been by car. Currently, with the world opening up, we are bound to see a surge in air travel. To prepare you for this, let’s get familiar with some key things we must know before travelling.

Window seats are colder

This might come as a surprise to some people but, seats closer to the windows are colder than the others. So should you be eyeing for a seat at the window, remember to equip yourself with a blanket(in case the airline doesn’t provide one)?

Seat pockets and tables aren’t as clean

Seat pockets have a lot of things falling into their tiny tight spaces. Over time, these little pieces accumulate. Making anything found there unhygienic. This is the same as where the tables are folded into. So the next time you board a plane, be sure to avoid putting your food on the table without thoroughly cleaning it. While packing, remember to add table wipes. It will be of very much use to you.

The best service is in the final row

People aren’t aware that sitting at the final row closer to the air hostess is beneficial. When it comes to serving food, you get yours first ( which is something I like! Lol). Also, because the hostesses are close to you, it’s easier to get them to do things for you than other passengers in seats way ahead of you.

Take flights in the morningĀ 

It is essential passengers get to their destination in one piece. Research has proven that passengers who take morning flights experience less stress because flights scheduled in the morning experience almost no delays or alteration. This is compared with scheduled flights in other times when flights have to be rescheduled for specific reasons.

Choose special menu foods

When served a menu, be sure to go with the special on offer. The time and effort dedicated to preparing that dish are always more than that of the offer’s ordinary delicacy.


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