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  • Timberland is one of the most popular shoe brands globally. The shoes cut across from construction industries to the fashion world. Timberland boots blend in so effortlessly. Aside from all these, did you know about these fun facts about timberland?
  • They were the first boot manufacturer in the entire universe to have a TV commercial. It might not seem like a big deal today. But in those times, it was massive. It was uncharted territory for any boot manufacturer. Timberland, therefore, set the pace for other boot companies to follow.
  • Again by 1985, timberland had sold 1 million boots. This was a tremendous milestone for a company coming from humble beginnings. Such numbers were reserved for popular shoe brands such as converse and Adidas at the time.
  • Another fun fact you didn’t know about timberland is, they offered immense help to the rescuers of the 9/11 attacks. The rescuers’ shoes were not equipped to be waterproof, so they encountered a lot of mishaps in their mission. However, timberland stepped in and supplied them with their waterproof boots to accomplish their tasks.
  • Finally, timberlands were made famous by the hip hop community, from name dropping them in songs to wearing them in music videos. This made them a considerable part of the community. Not only did hip hop influence the popularity of Timberlands, but it increased sales three times. Demand became so high. Timberland had to find more significant manufacturing sites to be able to meet demand.
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