Must have Xiaomi devices (Earn free bitcoin)

   Xiaomi is a global electronics company, that keeps coming up with innovative products at a fast rate. Through all this, you might have lost track of what the latest on Xiaomi is. Today, we get to know some of the latest must have Xiaomi products on the market. Also, at the end of the post, you’ll learn what the Xiaomi bitcoin cashback reward offer is all about. Read on!

  • Xiaomi Mijia smart steamer oven. One of the most innovative products from Xiaomi. The smart steamer oven is capable of cooking food in record time. With just a single addition of water, steam is produced within 30 seconds and can last up to 120 minutes. This is an immensely powerful oven. It’s volume is divided into sections giving you the option of cooking for vegetarians and meat eaters at the same time without delay. The oven is controlled via the Mijia app. It is surely a must have product from 


  • Xiaomi Mijia Eraclean cleaning machine. A powerful cleaning tool that not only removes stubborn stains and marks, but also kills viruses and bacteria. It can be used to clean household items such as glasses, grooming tools etc.


  • Roidmi NEX 2 Pro. A powerful and minimalistic vacuum cleaner. Not only does it work as a vacuum cleaner, it also works as a mop. A good one at that too.  Furthermore, it embraces modern technology by giving you detailed information on its OLED display. It produces less noise and has a battery life of 70 minutes usage.


  • Xiaomi Bedside LED lamp. One of the best selling products from Xiaomi. The lamp has a large variety of colours that suit every single mood setting. It is capable of setting timers. eg. You can set the lamp to light up and shine really bright like the sun in the morning to avoid lateness. Also, it can be set to help with sleep. Control is done via smartphones or voice.


The offer

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