Steps to stay safe on the Web

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The Internet is such an essential part of our lives. We are in a time where all our lives revolve around the Internet. From the filing of documents to even running our homes. As important and beneficial as the Internet has been, so does it also come with its negatives. As long as there are good people, so will there be bad ones. The Internet is there to bring convenience and information to our fingertips, but no. Some people have ulterior motives. Rampant hacking of personal data and even data from corporations is also a problem with the Internet. Today we look at the various means we can employ to counter hackers and protect our selves from them.

  • Regular software update 

Be sure to always have up to date versions of all software. Developers are always on the watch out for loopholes that hackers could exploit. Hence the need to always be up to date to prevent becoming a victim to hacks.

  • Restrict the amount of info you share on social media 

This might not seem like much of a threat to you, but hackers constantly scour the web looking for little details that can help them track your daily routine—Eg when you take your dog out for a walk etc. With just the right amount of information, they’ll know when to strike.

  • Be careful of sharing your personal information 

Again, sharing too much of your personal information, such as your family, where you bank and others, can help hackers narrow down on which part of your life to target. This is something a lot, and I mean, many people need to be wary of social media.

  • Use 2fa anywhere you can

Whenever you have the opportunity, enable two-factor authentication (2FA) on any account you might have, do it. This is one of the most secure means of protecting yourself from hackers. With 2FA, even if your web account has been breached, the hacker can’t access your account without your phone or any other mobile device due to the second line of defence created.

  • Use different passwords for diff accounts.

As difficult as this might seem, it is safest to have multiple passwords for different accounts. Using the same password on all your accounts is virtually like handing out candy to a kid in a candy shop. I doubt that is what you want.

These are the few things I can share with you on internet security. Practice these and many more, and your stay on the web will be secured. For comprehensive internet security, choose 360total security. 360total security, together with liquigate, is offering clients the opportunity of participating in the 360security bitcoin Cashback rewards programme. This is the offer of a reward where any purchase of 360total security product gives you the chance of earning up to 10% discount payable in bitcoin. All you need to do is sign up and start purchasing via liquigate on the web or app. For further enquiries, contact liquigate on Twitter and email.

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