Tips for beginner skaters

Info on Vans crypto cashback rewards program will be at the end of the post. I presume you’re reading this post because you’ve decided to take up skateboarding. Well there  are a couple of things each skateboarder should know of before picking up a board. Mind you, you’ll actually need to go out  and practice if you poccess any of becoming any good at it. Here we go:

  • Choose the appropriate skateboard.

Starting out in skating, it will be much more sensible to not purchase an expensive board. Why? You’re bound to have heavy falls and bumps along the way. Why commit that much into a board meant to give you a good footing? Now I am by no means saying you should opt for the cheapest board available. Such boards are non durable. Just find a board that falls within the scope of durability and affordability.


  • Wear protective gear.

No matter how you slice it, every beginner skater is going to have accidents. To minimise or avoid injury, it is vital that you are well protected. Do not assume because you don’t see professional skaters wear helmets, you can get away with it too. No! There’s a reason why they are called professionals. Protect yourself from further complications


  • Wear good skating shoes.

Wearing skating shoes should be high on your list. Comparatively, skating shoes have flat bottoms that help with balancing the skateboard unlike normal sneakers with soles or even boots. These sneakers are designed to support ankle movement . A particular brand to look out for is vans. More on vans at the end of the post. 


  • Practice your fall technique.

It is very important for you to master the art of falling. In everyday circumstances, you fall with your hands serving as a buffer to the fall. However, in skating the speed at which you travel causes your fall to be of a higher impact so using your hands to stop your fall could break them. It is therefore vital to learn how to use the squishy parts of your body to break your fall. Honestly, this will take time to develop. Try practicing on grass before you hop on your skateboard.


  • Find a safe spot to practice.

In order to practice, you’d need to find a safe spot away from people and vehicles. This is to protect yourself and others from injury. Hence, you could patronise skateparks in your community or if you lack one, can look for options from skate platforms on social media. Also, there are apps that render this service and more that you can patronise.

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